Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day Challenge: Increase Monarch Waystations in Arizona!

Known monarch butterfly habitats in Arizona 042213
Today is Earth Day! Take a few moments to see where we have monarch habitats in Arizona. The yellow push pins mark registered Monarch Waystations across the state. Kudos to the 27 families, garden clubs and nature centers who worked to create a fertile habitat for monarch butterflies to raise their young! The blue markers designate areas that have milkweed habitats and where monarchs regularly visit.

Southwest Monarch Study bookmark
What milkweeds to grow? It depends on your elevation in Arizona. We recently created a bookmark to easily help everyone become familiar with native milkweeds in their region. The listed milkweeds are available by local nurseries or mail order seeds, depending on variety. We encourage seeds locally grown when available for the best survival rates. While non-native milkweeds also grow in Arizona, because of our harsh climate extremes growing natives as well helps long term milkweed availability. Of course in addition monarch butterflies need strong nectar plants and trees to rest in and for protection. No pesticides - monarchs are bugs! You can learn more about how to create Monarch Waystation and Butterfly Gardens in the Low Desert easily. Look for more publications for the higher elevations soon.

So why not create a Monarch Waystation at your home, church or place of employment? It's a fun Earth Day project and you'll have the opportunity to see some of the most incredible insect migrations right at your doorstep.

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